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Metal Roof Prices - Who Do You Ask?

As a manufacturer and distributor of all kinds of metal roofing systems, we hear from just people in almost every stage of the construction process - architects, designers, distributors, supply yards, roofers, contractors, home and building owners. Interestingly, it doesn’t matter who's asking the questions, because they tend to be quite similar. The two questions we hear most frequently are: 

“How much does a metal roof cost?”  

"How much does it cost to install?”  

Who's Asking?

While these are sensible questions to be asking, it may surprise you to learn that roofers and roof contractors often ask these questions. Think about that. It would seem, to the common homeowner, that asking a reputable local roofer about the cost of a metal roof you saw online would get you useful answers. But in more cases than not, the local roofer just doesn’t have enough (or any) experience with metal roofing to understand either prices or options.

While metal roofing has doubled and even tripled its share of the roofing market over the last few decades, it still makes up less than 20 percent of the market. That means a greater than 80 percent chance that the roofer you call will have little or no experience with metal roofing, and so, no helpful answers for you.

So Who Should You Call? 

We aren't sharing this information to discourage you from pursuing a new metal roof for their project. Quite the opposite! Metal roofing is, after all, still the lightest, strongest, best looking, longest lasting, most energy efficient and best value of all roofing products. Yes, it will cost more than the “average” roof, but there’s no better roof at any price.
Just understand that you may have to hunt for an experienced metal roof intaller. You want to be sure they're ahead of the curve when it comes to roofing trends, and they've already taken the time to learn about metal roofing by installing enough of them to understand and appreciate them.
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