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Is It Difficult to Install a Metal Diamond Roof?

We love answering questions, and recently, we were asked a good one. A fellow reached out to express interest in our copper diamonds for a project on his home. He wanted to know if we could recommend an installer capable of installing the diamonds in his ZIP code, and how challenging they would be for the average roofer. Here's what we had to say.

Too Complex for the Average roofer?

metal-roof-network-copper-diamond-shinglesWhile we can recommend qualified installers who have direct experience with our materials, that's unfortunately not the case in every part of the country. We had no recommendations for this gentlemen, as we hadn't worked previously with anyone in his area. But regarding the second part of his question - whether diamonds are difficult to install - the answer is no.

Just about any tradesman or DIY owner with a minimum of sheet metal or metal roofing knowledge or experience can install a metal roof successfully. Surprisingly, very experienced metal roofers often find that installing our diamonds is actually easier than many standing seam profiles. If a tradesman can cut and fold sheet metal with hand tools, and understands the basics of good roofing practices, then installing our metal diamonds roof system will quickly lose any initial mystery.

We're always happy to vet or assist prospective installers for any metal roofing we supply. If diamonds are your roof of choice, we admire your taste and we'd love to be involved. We have a very successful track record of supplying premium metal roofing in a range of materials. Contact us today.

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