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How to Save Money on a New Metal Roof

For most of us, the bottom line is a big consideration when it's time for a new roof. We all want the best price, but no one is interested in sacrificing quality either. If you haven't yet considered metal roofing, download our free guide to learn why this option may be the best for your project. Metal roofs come in more styles, colors, profiles and thicknesses than any other roofing material, and all of those choices mean one thing - many metal roofs are actually made to order. What does that mean for you? Big savings! Here are our top tips for saving money on a new metal roof.

1. Inquire about existing inventory. 

It's not unusual for a metal roof manufacturer to make more material than he sells over a given period. When that happens, the clock is ticking on that stock's value and the manufacturer or wholesaler is motivated to move that inventory - quickly. Buying from a metal roof vendor's inventory is a smart way to get a better price because they aren't making new material. All you need to do is contact a supplier directly and ask about current inventory. You can also subscribe to blog updates (available here via the link to the right) to stay in the loop for promotions like flash sales.

MRN Energy Star Shake Black 3.jpg2. Be ready to buy. 

Discounted inventory on metal roof material isn't something that lasts forever. Be prepared to take advantage of this static inventory as soon as possible. Buyers who are ready to order right away always get the best price. If you're just shopping, you just don't have the same leverage when it comes to price.

3. Plan with your installer.

These days, installation can cost nearly as much as the metal roofing material itself. Find an installer you trust, and include him from the beginning. When a potential customer contacts us, it's an ideal scenario when they already have an installer and we can supply the material. The process is complicated somewhat when someone knows they want a metal roof, but has no plans for the installation. Fortunately, we work with a network of metal roof installers, and depending on your project's location, we may be able to offer referrals.

4. Order all of the material at the same time.

All of the accessories to a metal roof can be made of the same material as the roof itself. That's not true for all roofing materials. While it isn't essential to order all of the accessories so that they match your new metal roof, you can save time, money and headache down the line by ordering these pieces at the same time.

If a new roof is part of your plan in 2018, we would love to be involved. Call or contact us today, or use our free estimate form now.

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