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How Diamond Shingles Reduce Roof Maintenance

copper-diamonds19_b.jpgThe signature line at Metal Roof Network is our diamond shaped metal roof products. We offer our diamond roofing in an array of different metals, and every project we've had the pleasure of being involved in has resulted in impressive roofs. But there's more to diamond roofing than just aesthetics.

One of the big benefits of the diamond profile is in its very shape. Because the profile come to a point at the bottom, there's almost nowhere for debris to gather.

That's a huge maintenance plus, as accumulating debris on a roof spells trouble. Dying organic matter - leaves, branches, pinecones, etc. - in clumps on a roof will trap moisture, which can be the start of deterioration of many roofing materials. A common maintenance chore for any homeowner should be keeping the roof clear of this kind of debris, and with a diamond profile, it's one less thing on that to-do list.

If you have an upcoming roofing project, we invite you to download our free re-roofing guide to learn more about the benefits of metal roofing. For a roofing profile that looks beautiful and performs exceptionally, contact us to learn more about our diamond profile and the many metals in which it's available.

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