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Everything to Know about Copper Roofing

Copper roofing tops some of the most famous buildings in the world. What began as a striking orange-brown shade develops a distinctive and highly unique patina - that unmistakable greenish blue of aged copper. And while many of these buildings have undergone extensive renovations, the roofs remain. What does that tell you about the durability of this particular roofing material? These days, it's little surprise that copper continues to be highly prized, specified by architects and desired by homeowners and builders alike. If you're investigating roofing options for a renovation or new build, this is everything you need to know about copper roofing.

metal-roof-network-copper-shinglesBeauty & Function

As beautiful as copper roofing is, it's also surprisingly practical. It's one of the longest-lasting roofing materials you can buy, and it's malleable enough to be formed into a variety of complicated profiles. Really, the limit is the fabricator's imagination and the skill set of the installer. In general, all copper roofs can be categorized as follows:

  • Copper roof panels - This kind of roofing material is made of sectional copper sheets in standard widths. They're installed by hand, and the end result will feature noticeable seams that may be crimped or welded on-site.
  • Copper roof shingles - Diamond shingles, shakes and tiles are available in custom sizes and installed by hand.
  • Continuous copper roofing - This specialty application is usually designed and fabricated for custom projects. The end result has no visible seams or joints, making it the most expensive kind of copper roofing.

Benefits of Copper Roofing

The longevity and performance of copper roofing are truly unrivaled, and history tells the tale. Other benefits include:

  • Extremely lightweight - A lighter roof load means slimmer structural materials, leading to a lower construction cost and reduced load stress. In earthquake-prone or high-snowfall parts of the world, a lighter roof is a big benefit.
  • Incombustible - A must in forest-fire prone areas!
  • Architectural appeal - We're drawn to copper roofing because it's truly an elegant choice. There's a complementary profile for just about every aesthetic you can imagine.
  • Durability - It's uncommon for roofs to get better with age, but that's the case with copper. That distinctive patina works as a barrier or shield against the elements.
  • Low maintenance - Most copper roofs require little to no maintenance. You may choose to sweep any collecting debris from it now and then, but it's not necessary. Plus, with antimicrobial properties, copper roofs are naturally resistant to rot and mold.
  • Low thermal movement - Copper has a high heat threshold, meaning minimal expansion and contraction during heat-thaw cycles. That type of movement has a significant impact on a roof's lifespan, so this is a big benefit.
  • High value retention - Between longevity and aesthetics, copper roofs offer tremendous value to a building.
  • Recyclable - Natural copper roofing will outlast just about every other building product, but in the event time pieces are removed, they can be reclaimed and recycled.

S-10 Diamond Copper Texas 2the Costs of Copper roofing

Unfortunately, there's no set pricing for a new copper roofing. Variables like the profile and gauge and amount of material and accessories, the location of the project, the complexity of the job, even copper availability and current market conditions will influence the final price tag. At Metal Roof Network, copper roofing is our specialty, and we're happy to offer pricing with just a little bit of information about your project. Contact us today.