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DIY Metal Roofing

Since we are a supplier of metal roofing systems and not an installation contractor, we get variations of this question all the time:  Is a metal roof difficult to install? The answer is no. That's especially true if you’ve done rudimentary sheet metal work and are even superficially familiar with installation of most any type of sloped roof material.

MRN-H-18-Copper-Install-ProgressInstalling a Metal Roof on Sloped Surfaces

Just walking on any sloped surface is a challenge, and working on such a surface is its own skill-set - one that roofers have to master in order to perform.  If you’re going to attempt to install a metal roof (or any other type of roofing) on a sloped roof, it’s important to take all the appropriate safety precautions and make sure that you understand the risks and complexities of such an undertaking. Now, provided you are ready to be a safe worker on a steep roof, and that you are comfortable with the idea and experience of installing some type of roof on such a surface, then I can tell you that expending that effort to install a metal roof is the best possible option.

Because metal roofs famously last longer than just about any other type of roof material, the likelihood of ever having to go through the effort of installing your own roof a second time is reduced to virtually zero. And while it’s true that metal roofs take longer to install than something ordinary like asphalt shingles, since you’re doing the job yourself, the extra time invested pays off in bigger savings - as well as a more permanent finished product. One last big bonus to installing metal roofing over every other option - it’s the lightest material available for roofing, so getting it up on the roof and moving it around is a much easier and less taxing proposition.

YouTube is full of videos demonstrating metal roofing installation practice, so spend some time having a look at other people’s experiences there, and then contact us when you’ve decided that the beauty and permanence of metal roofing is worth your effort.