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Who to Ask About Metal Roof Prices


MRN Energy Star Shake Black 3 (1)Metal Roof Network is a manufacturer and distributor of metal roofing systems, and so it's common to hear from people in various stages of the construction process - architects, designers, distributors, supply yards, roofers, contractors, home and building owners. Despite this range, the questions asked tend to be quite similar. And the most commonly asked questions about metal roofing are usually related to cost. People want to know, "how much does a metal roof cost," and "how much does it cost to install?" 

Good questions!


Would you be surprised to learn that it's not homeowners who ask these questions the most, but rather roofers and roof contractors? It might seem that a homeowner could safely ask a reputable local roofer about the cost of a metal roof and expect an accurate reply. But more often than not, that local roofer lacks the necessary experience with metal roofing to understand either prices or options.

Metal roofing has certainly doubled and possibly even tripled its share of the roofing market over the last few decades. And yet it still makes up less than 20 percent of the market. Put another way, there's a roughly 80% chance that the roofer you call to quiz about metal roofing will have no idea how to answer you.


We aren't telling these gloomy statistics to discourage you from pursuing a new metal roof for your project. After all, metal roofing really is the lightest, strongest, best looking, longest lasting, most energy efficient and best value of any roofing product available. Yes, it costs more than the “average” roof material, but there’s simply no better roof at any price.

We just want to help you understand that you may have to look a little more carefully for the right installer. Those ahead of the curve have experience with metal roofing, or are at least aware of its benefits.

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