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Copper Roofing Prices - All Time Low!

MRN_Low_Profile_Shingle_Copper_Pre-Patina_With all of the things happening with the economy of Greece and the Eurozone, something interesting has happened to the prices of metals and particularly copper.

Copper roofing is near its five-year low.

IMG_0747_1If you have a project upcoming that calls for a copper roof system, there may not be a better time to move on that front soon, as copper roof shingles, tiles, panels and diamonds are at the lowest prices we’ve seen in many years. Of course, copper is still three or four times the price of steel or aluminum roofing, so it’s not like it’s a bargain by comparison. It is however among the finest roofing options available anywhere, so should your project call for copper, you may want to take advantage of the turbulence in the markets this summer.

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