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Copper Cladding - Roof Materials for the Wall? Yes!

It may surprise you, but our copper roof systems aren't just for the roof. Actually, we've had a few clients use them as beautiful cladding for interior and exterior walls, and they're as handsome, unusual and weather-tight in those applications as they are on the roof. 

copper-shingles-wall-siding.jpgOur most recent project using copper roofing as a material for the wall was in San Francisco. The goal, as it usually is in these projects, was for a material that was both distinctive and unusual. We recommended our solid copper MRN Low Profile shingles for the cladding of the new front elevation. And wow! What a statement!

Prior to application, we had the shingles pre-aged using one of our patina solutions to emphasize the “brick wall” effect. The contrast against the wood siding accentuates the classic appeal of old copper. And we've successfully achieved the feel of a brick wall at a tiny fraction of the weight. 

If you have an interesting project and you're looking for something diffferent to use on the wallss, contact us! We're happy to share more information and photos of this project if it helps, or to make recommendations and suggestions for yours.