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Adding Solar Panels to Your Metal Roof System

Drum roll, please! Metal Roof Network is excited to announce the near completion of residential roofing projects pairing solar array systems with beautiful metal roofs. The success of these projects means Metal Roof Network will be adding solar arrays to our line-up of materials, making us your one-stop shop for the most energy-efficient roofing you can buy!

Considering solar components with your next roof? We're working with experienced and qualified solar array specialists across northern California and Nevada. Let us help you design the right solar roof system for your project so you can harness the power of the sun and start saving!

Think about it...

Metal roofs and solar components are the ideal pair - why waste money of a temporary roof material that will require replacement, forcing the unnecessary cost of removing and then re-installing your solar components?

We'll have photos, customer testimonials and feedback, and a new section on the site dedicated to solar components very soon. Want to be updated on the addition of our solar section? Join our mailing list via the link to the right of your screen!

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