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Coated Steel Roofing Then and Now, Plus Other Benefits

One of the biggest perks of metal roofing is longevity and durability. Here's a clip of a coated steel tile roof six years after it was installed - as beautiful and resilient as it was on day one!

Besides superior performance, durability and lifespan, coated steel roofing offers other advantages over other, cheaper kinds of roofing (ahem, asphalt composition shingles):

Keeping it Green

Recyclable and made of recycled materials, eco-friendly metal roofing is no cliche. The entire coated steel metal roof system can also be designed to increase energy efficiency on your home - keeping it cooler in the warm months and reducing monetary and environmental costs all the way around.

Keeping it Safe

Steel roofs are incombustible, which goes a fair distance in eliminating the roof as a fire hazard. They're also extremely lightweight, which makes them ideal in earthquake-prone areas AND a great choice for a re-roof, as there will be no need for structural re-engineering. And a properly-installed metal roof that has been mechanically fastened offers fantastic resistance to high-winds and makes them the most durable roof material for all other weather conditions too.

Keeping it Pretty

A roof is a major architectural feature of any home, and a coated steel roof is downright beautiful. Whether you go with a traditional tile or a classic shake, stone coated steel roofing comes in an array of attractive colors to complement the color scheme of any home.

Keeping it Smart

A stone coated steel roof is definitely a bigger investment, particularly compared to a composition roof - probably in the neighborhood of one and a half to three times as much. BUT it's critical to keep in mind that you get what you pay for. That "cheap" comp roof will require replacement in roughly 10-20 years - and the price tag will nearly double in about 15 years. If you're planning on remaining in your home over the long-term, and you choose to keep re-roofing with comp, you'll end up spending far more in roofing than you would had you chosen the permanent, virtually maintenance-free coated steel roof system in the first place.

If you need a new roof before next winter, get an idea of what a roof like this would cost on your home. We're happy to offer free estimates, so there's no obligation - just relevant information.

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