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Solid Copper Shingles After Installation

This is a great little clip of the solid copper roof system in California that blending new copper shingles with hand-treated copper shingles for a truly custom finish. Not only is this an incredible roof in appearance alone, it has the added benefits inherent to copper roofs:

  • Made of recycled copper and recyclable (as unlikely a case as that may be)
  • Extremely lightweight, requiring less support and usually meaning faster installation
  • Extremely durable and wind, fire and hail resistant
  • Extreme life expectancy
  • Heat reflective as opposed to heat absorbing, which can lower cooling costs in warmer months

So there you have it! Our solid copper shingles are as resilient as they are attractive, and with options ranging from tiles to shakes and shingles to panels and diamond shingles, we've got copper roofs for just about every structure.

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