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The Absolute BEST WAY to Price a New Metal Roof

standing seam panels

coated steel shake

Considering a new roof? Want the longevity and performance of a metal roof like one of these? Wondering how in the world to price that new metal roof? Well, here are a few ways we can help:

  1. Check out this interesting article written by our very own Chris Testa on exactly that topic. 
  2. Use the handy formula in our re-roofing booklet - a comprehensive 50-page guide that no homeowner considering a new roof should go without. Get your free copy here. Or give us a call or click and we can throw some numbers your way.
  3. Understand that the short answer is probably somewhere between $5,000 and $100,000. 
  4. Understand that the long answer depends on the material, the profile, the size, complexity and location of the job, the type of installer you want, the kind of permits your city or county requires and a few other factors too.

So what's the best way to price a new metal roof? It boils down to finding a reputable installer and supplier, choosing the material and profile, and then getting a take-off down of your roof. That's the only way to get an accurate number for your project. But if you're still considering your options and you just need a ballpark figure, the same reputable supplier should be able to give you a numbers range after asking a few questions about your project.

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