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A Project in Napa Valley - Copper Shingles for the Varozza Winery

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We love working on historical projects, so we jumped at the chance to work with the lovely people from the Varozza Winery in beautiful Napa Valley, CA. We were able to supply a mix of new and reclaimed copper shingles for their picturesque barn, and here's what the customers had to say when all was said and done:

"I would highly recommend Chris. He was professional but even more he was helpful and worked to make it work for us and get us exactly what we wanted. He is now part of our winery family and we look forward to working with him again when we do our home. We also look forward to his coming to all our winery events. He was here to help us bottle our 2007 wine and I look forward to opening some of those bottles over the next twenty years and looking at our beautiful roof and having all of our construction finished and the time to enjoy all our friends and family in our beautiful historic winery."

Many thanks to the beautiful Varozza Winery! This blend of new solid copper shingles and reclaimed copper shingles is the perfect complement to both Napa Valley and the vineyard. It's a copper roof system that will age beautifully without sacrificing performance.

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