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Reclaimed Copper Shingles in Napa Valley, CA

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This picture of a barn in a vineyard illustrates something that I find rather interesting - the rates at which copper changes in different locations.

We were able to get reclaimed copper shingles from another project for this project in beautiful Napa Valley, CA, but unfortunately weren't able to get enough to do the entire roof. So, we supplied new, matching shingles of the same size and shape as the old, and that was how the contractor was able to complete the job. What amazes me from viewing the picture (and seeing the finished job) is how well blended the new are with the old. I recall vividly how worried was the client ( and me! ) that the new copper would stick out like a shiny sore thumb for an uncomfortably long time. Now, just a few months after installation, it's not even a concern. There are enough old shingles on this side of the roof, and even though nearly a third of this entire slope is new (and was VERY shiny and new-looking when first installed), it can barely be detected now. Everyone's happy!

I'm sure that in a location that didn't have such a wet winter, or in desert or dry locations it might not have blended as well, but in this case a little patience, and a little effort by the installer to mix some old with some new, made for a beautiful, "aged" copper roof system that's as good as new - and good for the next century or more. We're thrilled that these reclaimed copper shingles in Napa Valley, CA, will perform as beautifully as they appear.

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