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Copper Colored Metal Roofs - How to Select and Price

I’ve written about this topic many times in the past, but the number of questions we receive about the topic never seems to diminish. They share the same theme - "Do you have something that looks like copper but costs less?" As it happens, we do. But it depends on what you’re thinking when you say, “looks like copper.”  We’ve learned this description means different things to different people, so it’s very hard to offer one copper facsimile that will satisfy everyone’s imagination.

solid copper batten seam panel | MRN


Have a look at these photos. The image above is of our batten-seam panel roof system with our matching gutters. Below is our diamond shingle pattern, and the image beneath that is of ancopper diamond shingles | MRN advanced patina on our low-profile copper shingle. Each of these roofs is solid copper. The batten seam roof is about three years old and has taken on a fairly even gray/brown patina. From a distance, the color looks quite consistent, but it’s only when you get close (see the close-up photo of the gutter portion at the bottom of this post) that you can see how uneven and mottled is the actual color.

The diamond tiles and gutter are just a few weeks old in the photo to the left and are just starting to turn color.

Both of these installations are of our solid copper roofing and gutter products, but the color is decidedly different.  So which one do you emulate when offering a copper lookalike?

copper shingles | MRNFor solid copper roofs, you can expect to pay for the material between about $8 and $15 a square foot, depending on the gauge and profile. “Copper colored” finished steel and aluminum roofs, which come in both new “metallic copper” finishes resembling the shiny new copper diamonds in the photo and the “bronze” color similar to the tea house roof, usually cost between $2 and $6 depending on the metal choice, gauge and finish.

While the prices for these lesser alternatives to solid copper metal roofs are certainly a whole lot less money, the judgement about whether or not they actually resemble a real copper roof is certainly dependent on the eyes of the beholder! 

copper panel