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Metal Roofing Prices - The Highs and the Lows

It probably happens once a week - we receive a set of drawings or blueprints with a request to “price a metal roof” for the owner or contractor supplying the plans. And every time, we ask the same question first - "What KIND of metal roof?" We can't take one step forward without a reply, because there are literally hundreds of possible answers to such a request!

MRN copper diamond shingles | Metal Roof Network

The type of metal, the thickness of the metal, the finish on the metal and the shape of the roof formed with that metal are all variables that affect the price of the metal roof materials. In addition, the contractor who might install the metal roof will offer a wide range of prices according to the preparation, slope and complexity of the job - in addition to the subtleties peculiar to the different metal roof options. As an example, have a look at the two different photos that accompany this post. They’re both “metal roofs" that we've supplied, but there’s almost no similarity otherwise between the two, and the price for one metal roof would give you no useful close as to the price of the other metal roof.

Value Panel | Metal Roof NetworkA thin gauge, simple design metal roof with a 4:12 pitch “gable to gable” home might cost less that $2 a square foot for the materials and even less for the labor, whereas a heavyweight copper or zinc roof in a complex profile with custom accessories on a steep, detailed roof could easily cost 10 times as much! Apples and oranges, really.

With that in mind, here are the things that you need to decide before requesting prices for a metal roof: 

  • What type of metal do you prefer?
  • What style of metal roof do you want - ribs, shingles, tiles, diamonds
  • What type of finish are you after - a solid color, a bare metal
  • What level of detail are you after - simple or customized?

At least have some idea of your answers to these basic questions when you begin comparing. If even these questions aren’t clear to you, then contacting a metal roofing price specialist like Metal Roof Network will help narrow the field and make pricing your new metal roof a lot easier. Use our free estimate form now, or download our free re-roofing booklet to start learning about the many options.

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