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Metal Roofing Samples - What you Need to Know

We're routinely asked for samples of our metal roofing materials. Architects, designers, homeowners - it seems like everyone wants to hold a piece of metal roofing to get a better sense of how the finished product will appear on the roof, after all is said and done. And while we absolutely understand the logic of this, it's actually kind of faulty. It all comes down to perspective. The difference between holding a single metal roofing tile or shake or shingle or panel in your hands and standing on the ground, looking up at the finished installation of a roof in that same material and profile can't be stressed enough. Differences include your line of sight, the overall affect of the interlocked pieces, the distance from the roof to the ground and the aesthetic influence of the building's architectural elements and colors on the finished installation.

It's funny - the people who are most insistent about samples are the ones who repeatedly tell us, "I'm not a visual person." Unfortunately, you need a bit of vision to be able to hold a sample of metal roofing in your hand and picture what it will look like on your roof, completely installed. These same folks are the ones who are worried about how lightweight a piece of metal roofing will feel in comparison to a heavy piece of concrete shake. A lightweight roof is actually preferred, as it reduces the load on a given structure. And that lightweight metal roof, when properly installed, is actually far more durable than concrete shakes or asphalt shingles - both of which significantly outweigh the average metal roof.

Take a look at this video, in which we demonstrate this exact scenario. Chris is holding two pieces of Corten steel shake. These are examples of sample sizes we send to potential customers. He explains their approximate weight, shows you how thin they are, and then you see a completed project featuring a beautiful custom roof made out of these shakes. The roof appears solid, durable, distinctive and quite beautiful, and that's exactly what it is - a roof that will perform as well as it looks. Be honest - is that the impression you had about the two pieces of metal he's holding?

If you're considering a metal roof and think a sample will help you make a decision, allow us to offer the following suggestions. Drive around and look for roofs that you find attractive. Look for homes that are similar in color or style to your own home, and consider how the roofs on these buildings complement the structure. Do you like the color? The profile? Snap a few pictures, send them to us along with a picture of your own home, and let us help you choose a metal roof that will beautifully complement your home for decades to come. If you decide that you really need to see a piece of this metal roofing before you can make a final decision, we'll be happy to oblige.

Visit our Resources page for useful downloads, including our handy re-roofing guide, comparison sheets and more, or give us a call today. We're always happy to chat.