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Metal Roofing FLASH SALE!

The weather may not show it yet, but the calendar says fall is officially upon us. Don't wait until winter to upgrade your roof with a permanent, beautiful and extraordinarily well-priced metal roof! Flash sale prices apply now through October 1 only, so don't wait!

Sierra Shake | MRN


1. Sierra Shake Coated Steel Tile 

We have 2,000 sq ft (20 squares) up for grabs. This premium and popular metal roofing material is regularly $3.10 per sq ft.

Accessories available.

FLASH SALE PRICE - $1.55 per sq ft



Snaplock Panel | MRN

2. Standing Seam Snap Lock Panels

Custom cut to length, 16" rib-to-rib panels available in WHITE and BROWN only. Minimum order 1,000 sq ft. Regularly sold for $2.50 per sq ft.

FLASH SALE PRICE - $1.89 per sq ft


Sierra Shake Rusty | MRN


3. Sierra Shake Natural Steel Tile

We have 2,100 sq ft (21 squares) of this rustic profile in a natural rusty metal color. Regularly sold at $2.90 per sq ft.

FLASH SALE PRICE - $1.45 per sq ft


Copper Plated Stainless Diamond | MRN

4. Copper-Plated Stainless Steel Diamond Shingles

We have 2,600 (26 sq ft) of these distinctive copper-plated diamonds in our H-22 pattern available. Regularly sold for $8.75 per sq ft.

FLASH SALE PRICE - $5.85 each





Inquire about the suitability of these flast sale items for your application today - don't wait! Call or click now!