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The Common Failure of the Fiber-Cement Roof

A potential customer recently wrote to us for advice about a new roof. Their current roof, a popular brand of fiber-cement roofing, was guaranteed to last 30 years with no problems. The roof is now 25 years old, leaking like a faucet and seriously unattractive to boot. Unfortunately, this story is so common as to be an embarrassment to the industry. There are literally thousands of homes and buildings with versions of the cement/wood roofing materials that have or are failing long before the expected lifespan. It's a great example of what I've learned over the years in the business - let someone else be the guinea pig when choosing building materials!

This particular person is now on the hunt for a quality roof that will hold solar panels and look good too. Here are a few reasons metal roofing fits the bill.

1. Track Record

One of the many reasons we are committed exclusively to metal roofing is that it literally has thousands of years of track record. It's not difficult to specify and deliver a metal roof that can be expected to last 50-100 years or more, particularly in the right climate. The list of other roofing material options that could make the same boast is very, very short. Of course, metal is like everything else - there are some good choices and some not. Choosing the best metal roof for your unique application is vital to ensuring the full benefits of metal roofing are realized. That's one of the services we provide at Metal Roof Network - we are experts at metal roof product selection.

Metal Roof Network2. Ease of Solar Equipment Integration

Mounting solar equipment can prove to be a compromising experience for many types of roof materials. Metal is one of the few exceptions. Because solar mounting hardware is made of metal, integrating them into a metal roof is a relatively straightforward design task. Once the type and style of metal roof is selected, proper, leak-free metal mounting hardware can be chosen to assure that the solar equipment provides the same problem-free lifespan as the metal roof. Nothing is more frustrating to a homeowner than discovering that their roof is failing beneath their solar array and that the solar array must be decommissioned, disassembled, stored, re-assembled and re-commissioned in order for their roof to be replaced. This process is expensive and time-consuming, and often costs as much or more money as was "saved" by choosing a cheaper roof at the outset. Can you see how that can happen?

If you'd like to learn more, or if you have specific questions about your own roof, we love to chat. Feel free to call or email and check out our Resources page for helpful downloads, comparison sheets and other freebies.

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