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Walking on Metal Roofing - Do or Don't?

Here's a question someone recently posted on another blog post we wrote about popular metal roofing colors:

"One thing I want to know is just how easy is it for someone to walk on the rooftop. Would it crease?"

Good question. And here's the answer.

The variety of metal roofs means that some are tricky to walk over and others are not. But the vast majority are not tricky to traverse. In fact, most are safer and easier to walk on than many other types of roof coverings. It is true, however, that some metal roofs are made of very thin material or very complex shapes and these require that whoever walks on them show some care and attention. Unlike certain types of roof (concrete and clay come to mind right away) that can be cracked and permanently damaged by foot traffic, even abusive foot traffic on metal roofs rarely causes any more damage than a little dent. Such a dent, if it's even detectable from the ground, is not going to compromise the performance of the roofing at all. And walking on a metal roof won't "wear it out" like walking on an asphalt roof does. Walking on asphalt shingles can abrade the stone coating that exists to shade the petroleum asphalt from the sun. Once that protection is removed by foot traffic, the asphalt can deteriorate very quickly, requiring the roof be replaced. Excessive foot traffic on a metal roof might mark the finish, but other than leaving a mark, it's extremely unlikely the performance and longevity of the roof could be compromised.

In the final review, metal roofs are one of the most "walkable" roof choices available.

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