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Don't Install Solar Panels on Your Roof Until You Read This!

Green is the new black, and solar panels are exploding in popularity. But before you throw an eco-friendly, energy-efficient solar panel system up on your roof, it's worth thinking everything through. It's glaringly obvious in hindsight, but most people - us included, at the beginning - don't give a thought to the fact that they're planning to install that expensive solar energy collection with a life expectancy of a generation or two atop a roof covering that only has a fraction of that lifespan remaining. True story! We've seen state-of-the-art solar collection systems costing more than $30,000 mounted on $5,000 roofs already halfway through their 20-year life expectancy. We've had to explain to homeowners why the cost of replacing their roof will be double what it would otherwise cost because their solar panel assembly has to be de-commissioned, removed, reinstalled and re-commissioned - something no one wants to hear. Ever.

So what's the solution? Easy. Pick a roof with longevity to match the solar energy collection system. Here are three reasons to consider metal:

1. One of the things that distinguishes metal roofs in most geographic regions is their vastly superior life expectancy. Considering that new solar panels are expected to last 25+ years, does it make any sense to install a solar array atop anything less than a long-lived metal roof?

2. Metal roofs are one of few roofing material options that can accept solar panel mounting systems without a single leak-prone "pipe" penetration. Most other roofs literally require punching a series of holes in your roof in order to anchor the panels. Does it take a rocket scientist to realize that every hole you punch in a roof is another opportunity for a leak?

3. Metal roofs are light and make the total weight of a roof and solar panel system easy on the structure. With any roofing material weighing, on average, at least twice as much as metal - and many weighing five times as much or more! - it only makes sense to reduce the load on your home by avoiding such unnecessary weight.

MRN offers integrated roof/solar systems that are designed to last lifetimes and look good doing so. By planning your solar energy collection system along with a new metal roof, you not only save money, you help the environment and eliminate a major problem down the road, all in one shot. Don't you look clever!

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