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Three Reasons Metal Roofing is Best for Almost Any Building

Being a metal roofing supply company, we may be a little biased when it comes to metal. But facts are facts, so we'll let them do the talking for us. Here are three stellar reasons metal roofing is the best material with which you can roof just about any building:

1. A metal roof is generally the lightest possible roof covering, so it requires the least amount of structure for support.

Why does this matter?

coated steel tile | Metal Roof NetworkWhen it comes to re-roofing, lighter is better. If you don't want to factor in structural considerations - and the costs of a structural engineer's assessment - you need to use a new material that doesn't weigh more than the one you're replacing. If you've got comp shingles, it's probably not the smartest idea to re-roof with concrete without first confirming your structure can handle the weight. And if you live in a seismic area, weight should be a big component in your choice of roof material. Tons of concrete over your head in an earthquake? Yikes!

2. Metal roofs are among the longest lasting roof materials.

Why does this matter?

If you're planning on staying in your home for the duration, the lifespan of your roof matters. With metal, roof lifespans can actually be measured in life-times - yours! Re-roof once with metal, and odds are good that you'll be doing it for the last time. Another bonus? Metal roofs won't only last decades, they'll look fantastic and perform fabulously the whole time too. Most high quality metal roofs systems look as good ten and twenty years down the line as they do the day they're installed.

3. Metal roofs are available in more styles, colors, patterns and options than any other type of roofing material.

Why does this matter?

copper diamond shingles | Metal Roof NetworkWho doesn't like options? From profiles that range from a choice of panels to shakes and shingles to tiles to custom options in all kinds of textures, colors and materials, metal roofing has options to spare. And that matters when you're choosing a roof to match your home for the last time. One tip - choose your metal roof to complement permanent features on your home, like rock and brick facades, as opposed to paint colors, which may be changed at some point.

Want to learn more about the benefits of metal roofing? Educating yourself before re-roofing is one of the smartest ways to be sure you're getting the best product at the best deal. Get our FREE re-roofing booklet, and bite the bullet and get some actual numbers for your job. Estimates are free, and then you'll know exactly what you're looking at cost-wise for your next roof.

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