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Copper Diamond Shingles - A Special Roof for a Special Building

We had an inquiry about our copper diamond shingles recently, and here's what the potential customer had to say:

"I have tried to source a lot of material about this product, but it is rare, far and few in between. Perhaps your information can assist me and avoid costly disasters." 

copper diamond shingles | Metal Roof NetworkHe's right. There are few architectural details as distinctive and beautiful as our copper diamond shingles, and there's a very good reason for it. We've found that the people interested in something different for their projects are the ones who end up choosing this product,while those after something more common often wind up with a product that's a bit less unusual. Fortunately, once you get past the fact that it's an unusual profile - not the normal straight horizontal or vertical pattern - these shingles are actually not particularly difficult to install and the result is always spectacular. 

The trick, of course, is making sure your installer has the right experience. We've worked with a range of installers when we supply this product, and we're happy to make recommendations.

If you're considering a distinctive diamond profile for your project, investigate our selection. We've got diamonds in rustic natural steelfinished steel and copper, as well as a spectacular porcelain coated steel that comes in a myriad of colors. We've got a project scheduled for early in the New Year with these, so check back soon to see photos.

Download our free copper roofing fact sheet, or call or click today if you're ready for numbers. Copper is our specialty, and copper diamonds are our hands-down favorite!

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