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Copper Shingles On a Tea House in California Wine Country

copper shingles | Metal Roof NetworkCheck out one of our latest projects - custom copper shingles on a tea house in California's spectacular wine country!

The project: a one-of-a-kind tea house that needed a roof with special details to make it as unique as the structure.

The requirements: something that would emulate classic Japanese style - narrow, horizontal rows of shingles with a regular, low profile.

The perfect material: custom-designed copper shingles made to order with a very narrow row-to-row "reveal" of only six inches - as elegant and beautiful as the structure on which they rest.

copper shingles | Metal Roof Network

MRN designed the shingles with a special "gutter" between every one to allow for a very regular and simple look. The hips were designed and manufactured to emulate the appearance of bamboo, so we made a small, round, segmented section with a very tight radius that gives a very good impression of bamboo. The cupola on top is a very heavy copper that was chosen to reduce waviness and create a very geometric crown to the building.

The job is ready to be aged with a chemical patina solution to make it look distinguished and weathered. Stay tuned for more pics of the completed project and a review from the customers. But so far, so good!

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