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A Metal Roof Budget How-To

coated steel tiles | Metal Roof NetworkWhen it's time for a new roof, your budget is likely your top priority. But if considerations like performance, aesthetics and green factor matter to you as well, you're probably considering a metal roof. So how do you balance a metal roof budget? Read on!

1. Start with a Number

Before you begin, you need a realistic idea of what you can spend and what matters most to you in a new roof. If you just need to replace what you already have and you don't care about anything but what it costs, metal probably isn't for you. But if you need a new roof, you're planning on staying in your home, you want something that will perform well for years and years and look great doing it, metal is a great choice. So take a look at your finances and come up with low and high numbers you're comfortable spending. 

2. Do Your Research

Depending on your existing roof and what you'd like to replace it with, you could spend anywhere from $5,000 to $50,000 - or even more. The best way to begin narrowing your options is to shop around online. Look at photos of new metal roofs (have you seen our photo galleries?) and begin developing an idea of what you want. Metal roofs come in coated steel tiles, aluminum shingles, finished steel panels, copper diamonds and many more profiles and materials. If you can narrow down your aesthetic preferences to a certain style, color and material, you can start looking for the best deal on that kind of roof.

Talking to suppliers like MRN will quickly give you an idea of what your roof of choice will cost, so you can adjust your budget numbers if necessary. Most roof suppliers will offer free estimates, so take advantage of it. If you have friends or neighbors who have recently replaced their roof, talk to them too. It'll give you an idea of what new roofs cost. You can also ask for referrals.

3. Be Realistic

Once you've decided on a material and profile, you need to understand how that choice will work on your roof line. The more complicated your roof - that is, things like overhangs, the angle of slope, dormers, etc. - the more expensive it's going to be. And that's for both the material cost and the labor to install. The bigger roof contractors with the higher overhead costs will also cost more, and it's important to know that you have a choice when it comes to installation. There are loads of qualified, one-man operations who can do the job just as well as some of the bigger companies - and at a much better price. The trade-off comes in how quickly the job can be finished. 

Again, suppliers like MRN can likely recommend a range of installers for your job. Most suppliers have relationships with a number of contractors, so that's a good starting point. It's important to remember that metal roof installation is more complicated than slapping down a layer of composition shingles. You don't want just anyone doing it, so be wary when choosing your installer. Make sure the person you hire is experienced installing the type of roof you've chosen.

Want more information on setting your metal roof budget? Download our free re-roofing booklet and use the handy formula to get a ball-park idea of what a metal roof will cost on your home. We offer free estimates too - take advantage of it and get numbers today.

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